About us

Hi! I am Bhagyashri, the founder of Loveskin!

I was working with a company which went bankrupt and I eventually lost my Job. All my life, I only thought of studying and doing a Job until I lost where I was. 

Somehow, I motived myself and started giving interviews. I got selected and started working again. It was very stressful but nothing which I couldn’t deal with. However, the world got struck with pandemic. It also affected the company I was working for and I was asked to resign due to slow business.

At this time, I felt shattered as I lost my working position twice in the span of 1 year. I was uncertain about my future and started feeling hopeless. During this stressful time, I started spending more time with my family and take some time off to focus on myself and pamper myself. I indulged in a lot of skincare during this time. I always worked towards making people around me happy, so much that I didn't realise I must be happy too. I started treating myself with good food and experimented new recipes. I suffered from cystic acne breakouts for 3 months. And it made me realise what people go through for so many years. But I had lost confidence in myself. I would use a sheet mask and turn all my worries off and relax. 

My mom always raves about Korean technology and how they are ahead of time in terms of skincare and healthcare. How their skincare is technologically advanced drastically but also concentrate on learnings from their past generations. I have been using Korean skincare for quite some time now and I can definitely say, there was no turning back. I realised, its common to use one sheet mask a day in Korea. And it was very beneficial to include it into my routine as well.

With all this in mind, I thought of Loveskin (LOVEyourSKIN), to make Korean skincare more accessible and spread the love for skincare and self-love. All the products on the website are authentic and sourced from South Korea and curate them to be shipped worldwide from India. I hope you will join me in the journey of sharing skincare and self-love. 

Lots of love xoxo